Making by Carol, an online store, emerges from a heartfelt desire to infuse personal artistry and meaningful connections into a world saturated with mass-produced goods. At its core is Carol, an artisan with a genuine love for crafting handmade gifts, driven by the goal of spreading joy and warmth to others.

Carol's creative journey led her to immerse herself in the intricate world of jewelry making, crochet/woven bags as well as printed tees and sweatshirts. With each bead, wire, and stitch, she honed her skills and unleashed her imagination. The result? A captivating collection of handcrafted and carefully curated goods, each piece narrating a unique story and celebrating the beauty of individuality.

But Carol's passion extends beyond her craft. She embraces a minimalist lifestyle, finding beauty in simplicity and tranquility within uncluttered spaces. This philosophy permeates her design choices, giving rise to elegant and timeless creations that exude grace and charm.

Captivated by the soothing allure of neutral colors, Carol finds inspiration in their ability to evoke harmony and serenity. These hues become the foundation of her work, seamlessly blending with her minimalist aesthetic and accentuating the beauty found in simplicity.

Welcome to Making It by Carol, where passion and artistry intertwine. Explore a world where handmade treasures are crafted with love, spreading joy, and forging connections. Delight in our captivating jewelry, shaped by a journey of devotion, minimalism, and an appreciation for the understated beauty of neutral colors.